Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Smokes! Church-hopping review #2

Church Name: Kairos (hosted at Brentwood Baptist Church)

Brand of Jesus: Their website says they are a "non-denominational worship experience" that meets at a Baptist church, and is led by a Baptist minister.  It's hard to escape the Baptists around here (unless, of course, you are at a Church of Christ).

The Pros: 
  •  The coffee was significantly better than that at Woodmont Hills family of God.  Yes, I know this is not the criteria on which one should choose a religious experience, but hey- it's the first thing I noticed.  Plus, I really needed the caffeine that night if there was to be any taking in of the Good Word.
  • I actually really liked the message, led that night by the assistant pastor.
  • No weird shenanigans in the name of the Lord (as mentioned previously, defined by me as laying-on of hands, speaking in tongues, handling snakes, etc.)
  • Attention to detail- they actually had a life-size replica built of the Ark of the Covenant, carried out by 2 scruffy youngsters.
  • The preacher was pretty funny, for a preacher.
  • It was dark, which hid my rather condescending glances around during the concert/ praise/ singing/ what-have-you.
 The Cons: 
  • Luckily, I happened to be wearing flip-flops, or I wouldn't have fit in.
  • The music was seriously over the top (and, in my opinion, lasted way too long).  The drummer was behind a screen (with extra mics), they had full concert lighting and backdrops (including the big side screens with rotating colors and backdrops), and a freaking smoke machine.  I mean, really?  REALLY?  I think they might have taken the phrase "Jesus rocks" a little too literally.
  • Diversity?  Nope.  Unless you consider the fact that I counted at least 1/2 a dozen different Hollister shirts diversity.  The guy sitting next to me was probably 40, and I felt a little awkard for him, seeing as how he was probably the oldest dude there and all.
  • It was LONG.  From 7:00- 8:30 on a Tuesday night?  I guess that's why they have good coffee.
  • There was this one couple that was all over each other pretty much the whole time (at least during the worship songs).  Quite frankly, it was gross.  I seriously thought they were about to "know" each other Biblically- right there in the floor seating (oh yeah- as any good concert should have, there was both stadium and floor seating.  My friend and I lucked out with like 5th row seats!).  Ironically, the song that was playing when I first noticed this creepiness had lyrics saying something like "There is no greater love than Jesus."  Maybe this couple was trying to prove them wrong?
  • Speaking of the music, there was way too much of the forced, awkward "rhyming" typically found in so much modern praise music.  Blech. 
    Bottom Line: 

    When I first saw the "Kairos" link on the Brentwood Baptist website, I assumed it was some kind of African mission ministry.  Turns out that it's pretty much just Southern Baptist catering to today's (white) youth.  This was definitely a "Rocker Jesus" crowd.  I thought someone should be passing around a beach ball in the floor seating, especially with all those raised praise hands.  Interestingly, though, the message didn't sell out (it was on the Fear of God).  I would go back, but I think I'll go late next time and skip the rock concert.

    More info about Kairos can be found on their website:

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