Thursday, July 7, 2011

Church-Hopping: Review #1

Church Name: Cross Point Church

Brand of Jesus: Jury is still out on this one.  I think they are technically non-denominational,  but it felt a little Baptist-y to me.  I believe they label themselves as a "community church."

The Pros: 
  •  I didn't burst into flames (as previously mentioned here-
  • They have a 20 minute interactive children's church thingy before regular services (which I didn't know beforehand, and therefore didn't personally experience)
  • Good message
  • Aesthetically pleasing backdrop
  • No one did anything weird (defined by me as laying-on of hands, speaking in tongues, handling snakes, etc.)
  • Nice multi-media experience, which appeals to the younger generation, but also to my inner teacher, who strives to deliver lessons geared towards different learning styles (visual learners, auditory learners, etc.)
  • When I went to the nursery to pick up my kid, he was smiling and unscathed
 The Cons: 
  • The pastor flat-irons his hair and was wearing skinny jeans
  • I felt super-overdressed in a black skirt
  • Pretty much complete lack of diversity- the auditorium was chock-full of trendy 20somethings
  • Today's message was "something a little different," which consisted of a video interview between the pastor and some former NFL player dude.  This immediately made me feel like I was watching ESPN, which immediately made me zone out.
  • It's one of those mega-churches where it is really easy to be lost in the crowd (actually, I can probably count this as a pro, too...)
Bottom Line: 

Not bad, but maybe not entirely for me.  These people definitely cater to Trendy Jesus (I bet this Jesus has an iPad and hangs out at Starbucks, and he wears skinny jeans instead of that white tunic thingy).  I'll probably give it another shot before making a final decision.

More info about Cross Point Church can be found on their website:

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